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Visiting Cimiturul Central

On the 8th december, we went to the central graveyard which is the one of the best places in Cluj. Cimiturul Central is located in the centre of the city. But, if you want to visit the graveyard you have to pay attention; because there are only 3 entrances. If you don’t pay attention you miss the graveyard entrance. It is one of the oldest graveyards in Cluj and in Romania.

The graveyard perfectly reflects the multicultural character of Cluj. That’s Because Orthodox, Catholic, Protestant people are lying together there since 16th century . The graves were very different from one another.

Some graves were kitcsh, while some graves were very simple.There are pictures of the persons who died on the grave stones. It also tells you the profession of the deceased was doing while he/she was alive.

All in all, Central Cemetery of Cluj was a great place to understand the contemporary history of Romania as there were people who died in the World Wars, Revolution et cetera and some of the grave stones told their stories.

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