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Meeting with the Journalism Students

On the 4th day of our project, we met the journalism second year students and academicians of Babes Bolyai University. The faculties of the university are located in different regions of the city, but they are near the city center and the distance between them is relatively close.

When we came the to the faculty, journalism students welcomed us. We went to the studio where they broadcast and they were making arrangements for the program that we were going to do together. They told us that they were going to ask us questions about studies in journalism and journalism in Turkey. We waited for them a little bit to set the cameras and check the lights. Then we had to split in two groups because the studio was not large enough to accommodate the whole group. Our professors were on the broadcast all the time but a group of three students changed.

Broadcast was mostly in the form of questions and answers. The presenter asked us how the studies in journalism in Turkey was. Professor Bourse began to talk about our Faculty of Communication. We have three specializations: Journalism, Public Relations and Advertising, Cinema and Television. The presenter asked us what we were going to do in our lives after the school.

When the broadcast is over, we talked with Babes-Bolyai University students. They gave us information about Cluj and they advised us of places to visit in the city, we told them about Istanbul and invited them to come. They will hopefully visit when they have the opportunity.


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