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La Ordin Führer

Just on our second day here, we had the privilege of watching the premier of the new play of the theater of Cluj Napoca National Theatre as the guests of Mr. Mihai Maniutui, Director of the National Theatre. The Theatre Building is one of the best buildings in the city and it is a pleasure to just stand in it and gaze upon all the details and craftsmanship that gave life to the interior. The hall had four floor where there were private lounges on the upper levels and they were all elegantly decorated and the sound and illumination systems were great.

The play that we were invited to was the La Ordin Führer! Which threat on the Nazi Germany and a woman who is a zealot when it comes to Adolf Hitler and the scenario revolves around her life through the unification of Austria and Germany and the subsequent Second World War. It is a very strong play that has made its premier in a very critical time, on the day of the Presidential Elections in Austria where a far right candidade was considered as a strong candidate.

The play focuses on only one actress and the rest of the company are all dancers and their coordination and unity were remarkeable which enhanced the power of the story with their expression through movement. The use of lights and the recordings of Adolf Hitler were perfectly put in place and audience was forced to have an introspective process throughout the play regarding how the masses can be lead to something that can otherwise be ommitted through giving hope and power through unity. The play was plain and simple yet conveyed its message very succesfully and the audience was delighted and the round of applause continued for more than 5 minutes where the company had to salute the crowd over five times.

We felt very lucky to have the chance to be in the premier of such a strong play that took place on such a symbolic day. Finally, we will also have the chance to have an interview with the Director of the National Theater, mr Mihai Maniutui in the coming days to talk further about the play and fine arts in Romania, so stay tuned.

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